5 years of LAUNCH...

Let us tell you about 5 years of LAUNCH...

LAUNCH supports a very diverse group of entrepreneurs.  These microbusiness owners receive training on how to validate their business idea and turn it into reality.  While many are still in the planning stages, 53% of the 217 entrepreneurs trained have started businesses to date.  These 114 businesses are mostly start-ups, however, 6 of them existed before participating with LAUNCH and have seen their businesses strengthened as a result.  These 114 businesses have created jobs for the owner and a small number of employees.  While most of the businesses started are moving forward and growing, a small number are no longer in operation.  Businesses that start with support from LAUNCH have an 89% overall survival rate.
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 LAUNCH also works with high school students, introducing entrepreneurship and leading students through brain-storming and problem-solving exercises, allowing students to develop an idea that addresses a problem.  Students work in groups, develop a business plan and present their idea in a pitch competition before a panel of judges and a live audience.  We see students make tremendous strides throughout this process, growing in confidence, creativity, problem-solving and public speaking.

Learn more about our High School Entrepreneurship Program and our summer program LAUNCH Kinect

In 2014, LAUNCH began providing support for organizations in other cities that had a desire to start an initiative like LAUNCH. Since that time, 7 cities have started or are in the process of starting this year. They are doing great work and we are thrilled to be partnered with such fine organizations.

Thank you for partnering with us in this work! 
These accomplishments over the past 5 years would not be possible without your support.