Entrepreneur Spotlight: Felicia Polk Jackson

For Felicia Jackson it wasn’t about starting her own business, but about saving lives. After two traumatic life experiences, one which involved her son choking and another where she lost her niece, Felicia knew she had to do something.

Her invention, The CPR LifeWrap serves to save lives. “I never thought about owning my own business. I am a medical professional and am always trying to find a solution to a need. I saw a need and my path was set before me. So here I am, in less than a year, a business owner!” Having initially heard about LAUNCH from their Director of Business Support Services, Alexis Willis, Felicia admits she was terrified when she first went. “But after that first session, my fear turned into determination,” she says.

“My LAUNCH class started out as several strangers talking about their dreams and goals as future business owners. In the end, we became each other's’ cheerleaders, friends and family. Alexis, who was our class facilitator, was knowledgeable and introduced us to other people who started where we were, and made it to where we want to be. Although I’ve finished class, I still refer to my course manual and talk to the people at LAUNCH. When you graduate from the 10-week course it doesn’t end there. LAUNCH continues to help you along your journey.”

With CPR LifeWrap, Felicia hopes to spread awareness and educate people about performing CPR. “With this product,” she explains, “ the average person will have a template that will provide visual landmarks, simple CPR instructions, and a plastic protective covering from blood and other harmful contaminants. Her motivation? “I want to be a part of saving the most precious thing on earth, LIFE!”

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Currently, Felicia and her business partner Tony Iwanczyk are working to raise funds to help pay for an initial order of CPR LifeWraps that can be sold to various institutions. To help them on their journey, please consider a donation. For more information, visit their GoFundMe page