Entrepreneur Spotlight: Pat Rowe


Growing up watching his father barbecue, as well as having a passion for cooking and entertaining, led Pat Rowe down the entrepreneurial path to BBQ Rowe, his full service catering company that specializes in barbecue!

When Pat first began on the journey to start his own business, he had the family and original recipes ready to go, but he wasn’t sure about the business side of things. Luckily, he heard about the LAUNCH Business Entrepreneurship Academy from a friend. Although he wasn’t 100% sure what to expect, he knew it would help him focus on getting his business going. Pat is also the winner of LAUNCH’S annual pitch competition (called Startup Showdown) in the fall!


“LAUNCH played a huge role in making my business what it is today,” Pat says. “From the hands on teaching to the guest speakers, it has showed me the in's and out’s of running a business. There has never been a question that went unanswered. The relationships and bridges that have been formed are priceless!”

As Pat continues to grow his business, the main challenge he faces is how fast BBQ Rowe is growing, “The business is going faster than I expected and not having the capital you need to have with how fast it’s progressing is very challenging.”

Despite how busy he is, Pat is participating in LAUNCH’s CEO Roundtable which is a year long opportunity of monthly sessions with LAUNCH’s Executive Director and a small group of fellow business owners. He is also enrolled in The Company Lab’s Accelerator Fellowship which is a 90 day program for entrepreneurs who are focused on scaling their startups.  It culminates with a Pitch NIght so come see Pat on April 27th at Granfalloon at 6pm!

In addition, the LAUNCH staff has continued to support Pat by working with him to create a logo, doing a photoshoot that highlights his food, working with him on social media, as well as building a website

BarbequeRowe_Logo_Wood_HighRes-01 PNG-20160719-01243882.png


For more information on BBQ Rowe, or to order (no order is too large or small!) visit the official Facebook page

P.S. We HIGHLY recommend the smoked turkey legs…


Registration for our Fall 2017 Business Entrepeneurship Academy is already underway! For more information, click here.