MMG (Miraclechild Media Group)

Entrepreneur: Ternae Jordan, Jr. and JaMichael Jordan

MMG (Miraclechild Media Group) is a company devoted to providing high quality forms of media that will encourage, inspire, uplift and motivate the lives of our customers. We view ourselves as trendsetters in an industry plagued with negative forms of media.  Through high quality, professional video production, music production, and other forms of media, we aspire to help people see the potential for their lives, and fulfill their purpose.

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Ternae Jordan, Jr.:
JaMichael Jordan:

The Passage

Entrepreneur: Brittany Harris

The Passage is a mobile classroom started by Hardy Elementary School teachers Brittany Harris and Colleen Ryan, who are committed to servicing the community through a mobile learning passage that wil provide families with the knowledge their children will utilize to boost their academic acheivement.

The Passage will help parents learn essential and effective strategies with their student and a teacher together. Their goal? Have 90% of third grade students reading on grade level.

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Trail Drops

Entrepreneur: Meg Brasel

TrailDrops is a full-service outdoor nutrition company providing lightweight, delicious trail meals to hikers. We provide meals for short trips and long trips. Thru-hikers can order mail drops to be delivered to the trail. Weekend hikers can have meals delivered to their home before they head out.

Products can be sold individually or as part of a five-day meal pack. The five-day meal pack is primarily geared for thru-hikers who are looking for a resupply option.

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DJ Media and Designz

Entrepreneur: Jehoshua L. Johnson

DJ Media and Designz is a creative company that specializes in photographer, website design/presentation, marketing and promotion. This business was created witht he mindset to build a bridge between the customer and the business.

Contact Information:
5721 Brainerd Rd.
Chattanooga, TN  37411
423-314-1601 or 808-772-1962

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Renaissance Consulting & Management

Entrepreneur: Ric Morris

Our goal as an administration firm to nonprofit arts organizations is to integrate and leverage management functions, programs, human resources and financial assets to optimize mission impact. RCM provides strategic planning, community engagement, branding, board of directors and fund development strageties, program development, management and CRO mentorship.

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Out of the Ordinary Occasions (OOTOO)

Entrepreneur: Ric Morris

At OOTOO, my one mission is to exceed the expectations of each and every client. I realize and celebrate that each person is unique and extraordinary. 

During the initial consultation, my goal is to discover these nuances that separate YOU from all others. Then, using those nuances, we will design YOUR original out of the ordinary occassion.

What separates OOTOO from other planners is our obsession with the most minute details. Combine that with a vibrant imagination, strong sense of style and boundless creativity and you have the ingredients for an unforgettable occasion. Our promise to you is that regardless of the size or budget of your occasion, the same level of care and commitment to perfection will ALWAYS be taken to help realize your Out of the Ordinary Occasion!

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Testimony Printworks

Entrepreneur: Chris Patty

Our vision at Testimony Printworks is to provide quality print at reasonable prices. We consider our clients as part of our team, and strive to work hard to accommodate their needs. We believe in working together in a positive atmosphere, as it ensures high quality production, as well as a safe, friendly work environment.

Contact Information:
1870 Cloud Springs Road
Rossville, GA 30741

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Royal Transportation

Entrepreneur: Brian Allen

Based out of Chattanooga, TN, Royal Transportation offers relaxing transportation services between Chattanooga, Atlanta, Nashville and the surrounding areas. Some of the features that are offered on board include free Wi-Fi, relaxing massage cushions and much more, all for an affordable price.

Contact Information:
423-401-0480 |

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The Springs House of Hope


Entrepreneur: Lisa Tumlin

The Springs House of Hope will provide transitional housing to our community's most needy women. Currently, this project will provide transitional housing for three HIV+ women for three months. It is the goal of The Springs to serve as an oasis for guests, fostering an environment of encouragement and support to help each woman begin their journey towards a more secure future.

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Coveralls & Pearls

Entrepreneur: Lynda B. Stephens

Coveralls and Pearls is a wholesale gift company. Lynda says, “In my business I have developed products that are appealing to a wide audience because they invoke a memory or a feeling”. The best selling item for Coveralls and Pearls is made from a discarded book. This notebook appeals to a wide audience - men, woman, young, old, doesn’t matter - because the customer chooses one that brings them back to a time, place or even a person that makes them happy!

With the products Lynda creates and sells for Coveralls and Pearls, she have been able to access a market with high purchasing potential while her pricing remains accessible to everyone. Because of her own experience with very limited spending power, she wants everyone to be able to purchase beautiful, quality items without having to sacrifice budget. Therefore, there will always be items priced on both ends of the spectrum.

As of this writing, Lynda has new items in production as well as in development and she hopes you will follow her website and social media accounts and keep up with her business! 

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Chatt Pix

Entrepreneur: JeHoshuah Johnson

Chatt Pix is a part of creative agency DJ Media and Designz, an all-in-one creative company that specializes in web design and various areas of photography. Chatt Pix is equiped for green screen, portraits, events, photo booths and sports, as well as video production and editing. DJ Media and Designz is based in, but not limited to, Chattanooga, TN. 

Contact Information:
712 Brainerd Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37412

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Grand Finale Events

Entrepreneur: Yanetta Bowman

Grand Finale Events and Decor is made up of wedding and special event designers and decorators who service Chattanooga, TN and the surrounding areas. At Grand Finale Events and Decor, we are dedicated to helping you enjoy the planning process, stay withint budget, run with efficiency, and of course, the overall event, "The Grand Finale."

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The Bling Beauty Bar

Entrepreneur: Veronica Bradford

Our mission is to provide and maintain excellent upscale services that enhance and indulge our clients physically and mentally. We are a full service salon and spa that offers high-end hair care, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, make-up, and more. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and fabulous environment which respects diversity.

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5783 Brainerd Road
Chattanooga, TN 37411

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Arrival Events

Entrepreneur: Tara Viland

Arrival Events is a unique company that provides a sensitive and uplifting coordinating service to those who wish to celebrate the arrival of death and rejoice in the memory of life. We offer an end of life service to its guests regardless of spiritual or religious beliefs, specializing in traditional and alternative end of life celebrations and memorials.

Arrival Events gives loved ones the space to console not only their own grief but that of others in a place of warmth and support. We wish to share memories and achievements with joy and laughter that will last far beyond death.  

Contact Information: 
423-309-3309 /

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10 & Up Shoetique

Entrepreneur: Terri Petty

10 & Up Shoetique understands how hard it is for women to find fashionable shoes in sizes 10 and Up. Don't run around town trying to find the right shoe, make one stop at 10 & Up Shoetique and walk away with fashionable shoes at a sensible price.

Contact Information:
5783 Brainerd Road (located inside the Bling Beauty Bar)
Chattanooga, TN 37411
423-994-5224 /

4 Ever Young Resale Shop

Entrepreneur: Deshel Hambrick

4 Ever Young is a thrift store benefitting The Howard School. Located in the school’s Henry Wesley Bowles Gymnasium building, the store sells items donated both by students and the community at large. 4 Ever Young even hosts The Cinderella Event, collecting and selling gently-used prom dresses for students who might not otherwise be able to afford prom and formal wear.

Contact Information:
423-255-4939 /

Academic Solutions Tutoring Agency

Entrepreneur: Ron Lowe

Academic Solutions helps students of all ages get ahead by offering individualized tutoring in math, language arts, and all of the traditional K-12 subjects (including foreign languages). We also provide test clinics for the ACT and SAT college admissions tests—individual tutoring for these tests and others like the GMAT, GRE, and GED.

Contact Information:
423-822-5985 /

5959 Shallowford Road, Suite 209
Chattanooga, TN37421

252 Signal Mountain Blvd. (Top Floor)
Chattanooga, TN37405

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