Blackbird Baking Co.

Entrepreneur: Jane Harper

We are sisters who grew up in a family with a passion for good food. Cooking has always been out way of being together. As kids we spent Saturday mornings around the kitchen table reading out waffle recipes to our dad who put us to work separating eggs and sifting flour. He ran our kitchen like a four-star restaurant, lecturing us on everything from the careful selection of ingredients to the final presentation of a meal on a plate. While his insistence on culinary perfection could be maddening at times, we all knew it was his way of loving us - a way to care for us, to communicate something he valued.

For us, Blackbird Baking Co. is about doing something we love together and about being a part of those special moments when people put aside the business of their daily routines to connect, celebrate and care for each other. Between two of us we've gained some great experience in amazing bakeries as well as a culinary degree, but we've chosen to stick to the simple desserts that we associate with these genuine times of togetherness, when it's not about keeping up appearances, but about being yourself with the people you love.

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