Coveralls & Pearls

Entrepreneur: Lynda B. Stephens

Coveralls and Pearls is a wholesale gift company. Lynda says, “In my business I have developed products that are appealing to a wide audience because they invoke a memory or a feeling”. The best selling item for Coveralls and Pearls is made from a discarded book. This notebook appeals to a wide audience - men, woman, young, old, doesn’t matter - because the customer chooses one that brings them back to a time, place or even a person that makes them happy!

With the products Lynda creates and sells for Coveralls and Pearls, she have been able to access a market with high purchasing potential while her pricing remains accessible to everyone. Because of her own experience with very limited spending power, she wants everyone to be able to purchase beautiful, quality items without having to sacrifice budget. Therefore, there will always be items priced on both ends of the spectrum.

As of this writing, Lynda has new items in production as well as in development and she hopes you will follow her website and social media accounts and keep up with her business! 

Contact Information:

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